We are currently building and exclusive team of partners to help promote our products to a wider audience. If you love Coco Mango and would like to join us on our journey please see the details and apply below.



  •  10% commission on all orders made when purchases are made through our website via clicking your unique link or using your discount code.
  •  15% discount to code to share with your community. 30 day tracking cookie to each link, this means if any purchases are made within 30 days of clicking on your link you will receive a 10% commission. 
  • 20% ongoing personal discount on our entire range excluding sale items so you can treat yourself to our collection and show off Coco Mango to your friends and followers!


  1.  Sign up through the affiliate program link below .
  2. Promote our products, add your unique link to your site, blog, social media platforms and in your stories. 
  3. Share your discount code with your community. 
It's that simple, promise!

For further information and to apply please register via the link below:

 Applications will be reviewed in 48hrs.